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Adds incredible comfort. This is durable sleeve is necessary if you use your penis vacuum pump on a regular basis.

Durable but thin charcoal colored sleeve. A great step-up from latex, a better quality version with a similar cross-cut tip.

Silky padded penis pump accessory feels like skin. Tight skin-like sleeve adds a touch of pleasure to penis pumping.

Apply a small amount of benzocaine cream to the erection before sex to delay ejaculation. A popular way to prolong lovemaking. 2 ounces

Increases male libido and heightens sensation. A ginseng penis cream to boost the power and strength of the erection. 2 ounces

Enriched with Vitamin E and Ginseng, it numbs and cools at the same. Minty flavored tingling sexual enhancer for men. 2 ounces

Newly redesigned formula with higher concentration of benzocaine. Cherry flavor & scent is a pleasant treat for the senses. 1.5 ounces

The perfect masturbation sleeve with narrowing chambers that create suction as you stroke. Enjoy its succulent and squishy feel.

A tight masturbation sleeve with 4 rows of beads parralel to the tunnel. Ideal for men who enjoy heavy stimulation.