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Beaded Stroker Sleeve

A tight stroker sleeve that packs on the stimulation. It is the best choice for men who like heavy stimulation and a tight feel during masturbation.
tight beaded stroker sleeve
tight beaded stroker sleeve close up tight beaded stroker sleeve top tight beaded stroker sleeve bottom tight beaded stroker sleeve in hand

Rolling Beads

Inside the sleeve are four rows of beads lining the tunnel. The beads are encased within the thick silicone and do not come into direct contact with your penis, but as you stroke, you'll notice the feel of the beads rolling over your shaft. This is a feeling you are sure to notice, the tightness of the sleeve causes the 4 rows to bulge through the tunnel and enhance pleasure in a way that your hand can never compete with!

Lube in the Tube

The idea of a tight sleeve is appealing to many men, but the reality is a sleeve can be uncomfortable if not properly lubricated. Make sure to pick up a bottle of lubricant or lubricating gel and smear a good amount through the tunnel. As you squeeze the erection inside, you are welcomed to a an amazing, virgin-like tightness that is the hallmark of the ideal masturbation sensation.

Easy Cleaning

It is safe to ejaculate inside the sleeve. The sleeve is also easy to clean once you're finished. Hold open the entry hole and let water rush through. Add a few drops of liquid soap and flush through the center with your finger. Rinse well and wrap in a lint free towel to store.