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Honcho Stroker Sleeve

Men herald this as the perfect masturbation sleeve. We think it's great too; a perfect blend of suction, tightness, softness & discretion is perfect for a moment of self pleasure.
Honcho Stroker Sleeve
Honcho Stroker Sleeve close up Honcho Stroker Sleeve top Honcho Stroker Sleeve bottom Honcho Stroker Sleeve in hand

Enhance Pleasure with Suction

Inside the sleeve are 5 chambers separated by narrowing corridors. The end of the sleeve is sealed. During masturbation as penetrations increase in rhythm, air gets pushed out of the entry hole and light vacuum suction forms inside the chamber. It is roughly the same concept as a penis pump, but the suction is so mild that all you'll feel is a light suckling sensation. This handheld device offers a welcomed sensation and is surely an upgrade to only masturbating with your hand!

Blending Tightness & Softness

Looking a the photos, one may assume the sleeve is too tight. Once held in your hand for the first time, you'll certainly be impressed with how squishy and soft this feels. It stretches to accommodate an erection easily and wraps it as a glove. It is tight, but in a warm and welcoming way. To increase your pleasure, be sure to add water based lubricant, or lubricant gel. Making it wet assists in gliding and reduces friction with the skin.

Easy Cleaning

It is safe to ejaculate inside the sleeve. The sleeve is also easy to clean once you're finished. Hold open the entry hole and let water rush through. Add a few drops of liquid soap and flush through the center with your finger. Rinse well and wrap in a lint free towel to store.