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Fitted Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve

The silicone sleeve is a step up from the replacement latex sleeves offering a similar looking design but with a highly durable silicone build.
Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve
close up top bottom on cylinder

A High Quality Upgrade

Even though the sleeve looks thin, customers note how durable the silicone feels. Offering the same cut as the Latex Sleeves, it features a cross cut tip which wraps the penis tightly during pumping. The rounded base accurately grasps the base of any cylinder providing a nice layer of padding between the plastic and your skin.

We have 2 silicone sleeves for sale: The Universal Silicone Sleeve and this Fitted Silicone Sleeve. Both offer the same air seal, however, the Universal Sleeve is thicker than this fitted sleeve. They are both useful & effective; they simply have different designs.

This seal will fit a cylinder that measures between 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 inches diameter.

Lube is Needed

Lubrication is required; the material needs to be able to glide over the skin as the erection grows. It will prevent friction on the skin and offer a superior air seal. Furthermore, failure to use lubricant could result in the silicone developing a tear in the cross cut tip.

**Penis Pump Not Included**