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Skin Soft Pump Sleeve

This penis pump sleeve is an upgrade to the standard latex sleeve. The hole is slightly tighter than other models to provide an entirely unique sensation. If a cylinder measures between 2 to 2 3/4 inches, this seal will fit.
Skin Soft Pump Sleeve
Skin Soft Pump Sleeve close up Skin Soft Pump Sleeve top Skin Soft Pump Sleeve bottom

Just Like Skin

This one is thick, soft, and smooth. It feels like warm skin when wrapped around the penis. In addition to giving a good air seal, it adds pleasure by providing a hugging skin-like feel. This material is the same as male sex toys, attesting to the tight, warm and life like sensation.

Lubricant is Required!

Please note that one must use lubricant with this sleeve. The surface needs to glide along the shaft as the size changes. Without lubricant, it is possible for the sleeve to tear from too much friction.

Being Flexible

The outside is very stretchy and will fit any regular size standard penis pump. The sleeve is a taught silicone and rubber blend, so it fits snugly when in place. One size fits all and the hole will stretch to accommodate your penis, do not be scared by the tiny hole in the photograph, it stretches!

**Penis Pump Not Included**