Mcafee Secure

Order by Phone: 1-856-382-0628

How to Place an Order

We are proud to offer the safest online checkout possible and the most discreet shipping. Credit card numbers are not stored, it is impossible for anyone to intercept data during or after a transaction. Shop with the peace of mind knowing that it is extremely safe to place an order online or by phone.

We ship in a regular USPS postal box or a larger box if shipped with UPS. The company name, website or list of contents does not appear on the box or the shipping label. The return label lists "shipping department". For privacy, credit card billing is from: "Legend Sales 856-382-0628"

To Order by Phone:

1.) Orders can be placed by product name or product number.
To get the product number, click the "add to cart" button then click "checkout".

2.) Call the customer service center: 1-856-382-0628
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 11 am - 6 pm EST.

To Order Online:

1.) Browse through the horizontal menu on the gray bar near the top of each page. This menu is also repeated on the home page, click on the 6 pictures in the middle of the screen to access different categories.

2.) While looking at the product list page, get more information including measurements by clicking on the small photo icon or the title of the product.

Click the "add to cart" button for the products to purchase.

4.) To continue shopping, click the "back" button on the internet window to exit the product page and return to the category page. (The shopping cart will not empty when clicking the back button.)

Alternatively, click the breadcrumb on the light gray bar:

5.) Click the "checkout" button when finished shopping.

6.) Select a shipping option by clicking on the small triangle:

Click the "checkout" button located underneath the order total.

8.) Enter address & payment info then click "complete order" button.