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Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve

The squishy silicone sleeve is an essential penis pump accessory setting the bar of comfort very high, the finest upgrade available.
Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve
Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve  close up Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve  top Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve  bottom Universal Silicone Penis Pump Sleeve  on cylinder

A High Quality Upgrade

The sleeve is durable, thick and floppy (almost jelly-like) premium silicone adding unparalleled comfort and superior suction capability to any penis pump. Adding almost 1/2 inch of padding to the base of the cylinder, the user will not feel the solid rim of the plastic penis pump cylinder as it pushes against the groin. The only sensation is a squishy padded layer from the wide sleeve base.

This silicone penis pump seal stretches to fit most pumps, it measures 3 inches wide with a 1 1/4 inch opening, which is standard size for penis pump cylinders. It stretches to fit dimensions that are slightly above or below this measurement.

If your cylinder diameter measures between 1 3/4 to 2 3/4 inches, this seal will fit your pump.

Comfort & Safety

This extra thick penis pump seal protect the base of your penis from rubbing against the cylinder. The silicone is hygienically superior, easy to clean and non-porous.

We highly suggest spreading lubricant around the extension in the middle of the sleeve where your penis fits. A slick layer to help shimmy the material adjusting as the erection grows. Furthermore, it assists in providing a better air seal.

Men who use a penis pump regularly swear by the use of a silicone sleeve. The airtight seal and level of comfort is far better than any latex seal. This penis pump accessory is highly recommended for men who use a penis pump regularly.

**Penis Pump Not Included**