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Professional Penis Pump for ED

A best selling penis pump for ED. One of the original models and still a popular choice for men with erectile dysfunction or weak erections.

- Insertable Length: 7 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 1/8 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$90.99   $73.71
Professional Penis Pump
Professional Penis Pump all parts Professional Penis Pump cylinder Professional Penis Pump handle Professional Penis Pump size

Correct Combination for Erections:

Innovated from similar designs with metal handles, instead of fumbling with a heavy hand-held piece, the plastic handle has finger divots and large trigger press to deliver consistent vacuum suction and feels light in the hand.

For the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment, we highly recommend purchasing the Beaded Prolong Ring to keep the erection firm enough for sex. Use lubrication inside the sleeve to reduce friction and barricade air.

Doctors commonly recommend men with erectile dysfunction to pursue vacuum therapy. This penis pump for ED is strikingly effective because the trigger grip is consistent and delivers excellent suction. View detailed instructions for how to use the penis pump.

Under Pressure:

Features an industrial grade pressure gauge mounted to the top of the handle. The pressure gauge ranges from 0 to -1 100 kPa. There is a small black tab on the top that assists in vacuum creation and once finished, press the opposing tab extending downwards towards the handle (facing backwards) to release the vacuum.

The pressure gauge is not a required feature for an ED pump to work, but it is a safety added feature that helps men who have lost sensation on the penis know the exact pressure level currently required to produce an erection.

Size & Dimensions:

The plastic cylinder measures 7 1/2 inches long with 2 1/8 inches inside diameter. The outside diameter flares to 2 3/4. This larger circular base nestles well over the pubic bone and allows it to be held in place with ease while minimizing tilting.

Included is a soft ribbed latex sleeve which extends in to the cylinder. The sleeve is thin, stretching and extending with the erection. The sleeve should be lubricated; lube is sold separately. The pistol grip and firm flexible non-crimping hose are quite stiff for optimal performance. A flexible tube will prohibit air flow as it bends. The air tube measures 21 inches long.

Even though the flared base also allows men to use the penis pump without the sleeve as the packaging indicates, using the cylinder without a sleeve is not very effective as too much movement can let all the air back into the cylinder rendering the pump ineffective. We suggest using the sleeve as it makes work much better for men with ED.

How to Use:

It is essential to pump fast with quick, repetitive motions. Slow pumping is not sufficient to create a vacuum. Grab the handle and squeeze it quickly over and over again to begin the erection process.

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