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Beaded Prolong Ring

An innovative rubber constriction ring filled with plastic beads snugly maintains an erection.
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Beaded Prolong Ring
Beaded Prolong Ring close up Beaded Prolong Ring being worn Beaded Prolong Ring side view

Highly Recommended

This is a favorite prolong ring for men. An effective option for men with erectile dysfunction, the stiff rubber can bend slightly with minimal stretch. It measures 1 1/4 inches when relaxed. The beads shift during penis growth to fit along the precise curves and shape of a penis.

The largest ball fits over the dorsal vein on the topside of the penis (as seen in the picture above) and helps to prevent premature ejaculation and slightly enhances the effectiveness of the beaded design. The varied surface pattern allows a minimal amount of fluid to flow within a penis preventing suffocation. The thick beaded rubber ring is very durable and should last a long time.

We do have a newer ring which similar to this model. Tied in popularity with this style, the Adonis Penis Ring is worthy of consideration. When a customer asks which one is best, an honest reply is "they are both excellent". The final choice is a matter of personal preference, or purchase both, which some customers do.

Tightness Works

Softer prolong rings are available for sale, but in order to keep blood in the penis (which is what keeps it erect), the ring needs to constrict tightly around the base of the shaft. The tight fit makes it work, so even though this ring is not the most comfortable design, it is the most effective. Despite the tightness, it is still is easy to wear since the unique beaded design adapts itself perfectly to an individual's shape. For more comfort, we suggest spreading lubricant around the inside of the ring before sliding down the shaft.

How to use:

The Beaded Prolong Ring takes up minimal space, therefore, a man can easily wear before using a penis pump. Alternatively, slide it over the penis after using the pump. We suggest trying both top see which method works best for your individual needs. For more information, visit the constriction ring information page here.