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Colt Penis Pump Lube 9 oz.

Using a good lubricant designed specifically for use with penis pumps can make the difference between success and results or a sore hand! Colt penis pump lube is a silicone based formula that provides ultimate sealing power for men who pump. It comes in a 9 fluid ounce, 266 ml tube.
Colt Penis Pump Lube

How to Use:

Apply a small amount to the seal at the base of the penis pump cylinder. Also apply a thin coating to the penis. This will help ease the seal around the skin as the erection grows, letting it slide with the skin preventing uncomfortable shifting and friction. Place the penis pump over the penis, nestling it snugly at the base of your shaft. Make sure to circle around the base of the penis and cover it entirely to assure a good seal for good suction.

Long Lasting Lubricant

Do not use too much lube because the penis pump cylinder can slip and be difficult to keep in place. Since it is silicone based, a little lube goes a long way! Pump up your penis and enjoy the added comfort, strong suction and large results.

This formula is perfectly suitable use as a masturbation lubricant. It does not absorb into the skin letting the knuckles pass repeatedly over the erection for a never ending, wonderful feel.