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Max Penis Pump

An innovated penis erection pump with some interesting features customers will find useful. This is an excellent budget option we like to suggest for men with ED.

- Insertable Length: 9 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$45.99   $37.25
Max Penis Pump
Max Penis Pump all parts Max Penis Pump cylinder Max Penis Pump handle Max Penis Pump size

Evolved Handle:

First and most noticeably is the change to the handle design. Formerly, trigger pumps used a pistol handle; this one features a silver colored plastic curved handle that has a smooth rounded end ergonomically designed to nestle in the palm of your hand. Grab the pulley with fingers and close the hand, pulling the trigger downwards sucking the air out with each pull.

Visually, this style is attractive and modern, easily competing with other more expensive electric vacuum therapy erection pumps. The handle is easy to pull with a smooth sturdy motion. It is not overly difficult to operate; even easier than a squeeze bulb. Even though the handle is plastic, it is high quality.

Better Parts:

We are proud to add this penis erection pump to the listing. It is a perfect blend of budget and effectiveness rolled into one great product. Wondering if this pump is effective compared to cheaper models or even more expensive electric vacuum therapy pumps for ED? Success rates have been high. We are confident customers will continue to be happy with this model.

One of the best upgraded features is the sealed tube connections at each end. Most erection pumps simply have an adapter where the tube slides into place, but the tubing on the Max erection pump permanently affixes to the cylinder, preventing air escape.

The cylinder is slightly longer than average enabling a well endowed man to easy fit. It measures 9 inches long with a 2 inch wide inside diameter. The exterior diameter is 2 3/4 inches. The flattened base increases body contact with the silicone seal, when pressed against the pelvis it prevents air from sneaking in lessening the vacuum. The small black button at the top is the quick air release valve.

Silicone Seal:

The sleeve appears to be typical latex rubber, however, it is translucent silicone. It is thin but sturdy and strong, lasting much longer than a latex sleeve. Offering the same amount of cling and stretch, we still suggest using lubricant with his seal, but it should last longer than latex rubber.

The interior has a cut X pattern which cradles the tip of your penis allowing it to expand as the erection strengthens. The sleeve can be removed to exchange it for a different one in the future.

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