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Accu-Meter Penis Pump

A powerful penis pump combining the streamlined design and basic concept behind an ED pump with the advanced features of a pressure gauge and an easy-to-operate handle.

- Insertable Length: 8 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 1/2 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$70.99   $57.51
Accu-Meter Penis Pump
all parts sleeve penis cup handle

Pressure Matters

Having the pressure gauge on the cylinder prevents fumbling with the handle. This new design is a worthy innovation to ease pumping. Some men may find the typical positioning of the pressure gauge on a handle feels top-heavy. If this is a concern for, this model is the obvious choice today.

The pressure gauge is a fantastic safety feature. Allowing one to monitor the exact amount of pressure required to produce an erection, it keeps tabs on the body's current functionality. Every man requires a different amount of pressure depending on conditions such as blood pressure and severity of erectile dysfunction. A doctor can offer advice on personal pressure requirements.

Having a pressure monitor is ideal for men with reduced sensitivity on the penis. It helps a person control what's going on inside the cylinder to prevent ruptured blood vessels.

Please check the penis pump information page for complete usage information & safety details.

Putting Fingers to Work

It is no secret trigger penis pumps for ED are more effective than squeeze-bulb penis pumps. They have faster & stronger vacuum creation. Unfortunately, some triggers are difficult to operate, but this model is smooth, fast & efficient. It has a wonderfully designed handle; the base has a horizontal brace to reinforce the strength of the unit while fingers pull the tab downwards. The best way to create suction is to pull quickly and consistently. Do it fast for maximum pressure build-up in the chamber.

Different Hose

Looking through the product listing, one may notice 2 main styles of penis pump tubing. The Accu-Meter is the only penis pump featuring black bulbous tubing. The hose is malleable, so the operating hand has full control without resistance from the tubing. For faster vacuum suction with less work, the tubing is short. The hose permanently affixes to the handle but can be removed from the cylinder for easier storage.

We noticed the section of tubing immediately above the cylinder's connection point tends to bend downward and may kink, a small flaw in the design, by being aware, one can prevent it from folding over during use. Despite this small flaw in the tubing, the vacuum suction is strong. In fact, the Accu-Meter penis pump is enough for us to refer as the first choice for men with erectile dysfunction.

Softer Then it Looks

Not only style tubing that is softer then it looks - the seal at the base is also soft. The seal is easy to stretch open with fingers despite the solid appearance in the photograph. We suggest using lubricant because when used dry, the silicone "grips" the skin. The seal is a great air trap for this ED pump.

ED Penis Pump Sizing

The cylinder measures 11 1/4 inches long including the pressure monitor at the top. The interior has 8 inches insertable. The inside diameter is 2 1/2 inches wide, the exterior of the base measures 3 inches wide.

Suggested Penis Pump

This is one of the most highly suggested models for men with erectile dysfunction. To see the others, view the shopping guide.

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