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Posh Vibrating Couples Ring

An innovative vibrating ring for couples with brand new design never makes a man feel emasculated. Adds a new dimension of sexual pleasure to the bedroom - all hands free!
$17.99   $13.88
Posh Vibrating Couples Ring
Posh Vibrating Couples Ring close up Posh Vibrating Couples Ring being worn Posh Vibrating Couples Ring side view

Subtly Making Lovemaking Better

This is an enjoyable addition to sex without going overboard. The vibrator nestles into the little cave on the top. Slide in the mini cell batteries (included) into the side and twist the cap to activate. The motor is subtle, calm and quiet.

The main band is stiff and fits tightly. It offers similar erection assistance as most other rubber penis rings; however, this one is unscented bold blue silicone rubber. That little vibrator dome on the top is the finest feature. Big enough for both couples to enjoy the feel, yet small enough never to get in the way and impede performance or movements.

Stiff & Simple

The shape is simple; the decorated bumpy & ridged surface adds visual stimuli. The ring is stiff, never floppy able to stay firmly in place. The material bends letting the man enjoy a cozy fit. Thinner build is discreet and barely noticeable, even during missionary position sex.