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Adonis Penis Ring

Add a touch of style with the original bold red silicone penis tension band, a tight fitting model highly effective for men with ED. Measures 1 1/4 inside diameter when relaxed, stretches to fit any girth.
$12.99   $9.95
Adonis Penis Ring
Adonis Penis Ring close up Adonis Penis Ring being worn Adonis Penis Ring side view

Modern Style that Works

Very thick and sturdy silicone ring has a firm rubber-like consistency. Dense silicone penis ring increases skin contact helping to hold an erection strong and high while looking good! Touch the impressive velvet-like surface. Glides effortlessly when wet for the best comfort of any tight penis ring.

Top Ranks for Effectiveness

We think this is the penis ring every man should choose. The quality is evident upon first touch. The highly durable thick silicone won't snap, so as long as you don't pull it, (roll it down the erection instead of stretching it over the erection) it should last for many years. It is tight enough to keep the erection firm until you decide. Considering the tightness, it is one of the more comfortable options.

The 4 sections of thicker ribbed portions offer the same support and safety as the Beaded Prolong Ring. What edges this version slightly above the Beaded Prolong Ring, is that silicone is a better quality material than rubber, thicker & denser with enhanced durability.