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Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump

Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump
Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump
Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump bottom cylinder
Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump side
Overdrive Vibrating Penis Pump size

A vibrating penis pump for added sexual pleasure whilst enhancing the erection. The motor, within the cylinder top, is a streamlined design that works.

Male Sexual Pleasure

This vibrating penis pump is superb a masturbation tool thanks to the satisfying vibrations. The vibration mechanism is at the top, activated by turning the red dial. Since the battery operated motor is up high, the tip of the penis takes all the brunt of vibration. It is no coincidence; the design is for men's sexual stimulation.

Tips for use:

Place the thumb over the hole on the side of the cylinder. Blocking air passing through, a man can produce an erection inside the penis pump. Oversized hand bulb has superior suction capability. Penis pump includes oversized floppy latex sheath. For men who do not enjoy the feeling of the tight sleeve, this model does not hug the erection as tightly but still provides an adequate air gap needed for vacuum creation.

The bulb is very large and easy to operate. A smaller squeeze bulb requires faster shorter bursts to create a vacuum. A bigger bulb, as found on this model, removes a higher volume of air with each squeeze.


The Overdrive vibrating penis pump measures 11 inches total length. There are 6 1/2 inches insertable inside the cylinder. It measures slightly over 2 inches wide. Some men express concern about the limited length that can be penetrated, but the higher the penis reaches; more sensation will be evident. The top is the strongest so if the penis tip makes contact; it amplifies vibrations, shooting them into the body.

The benefit of having the vibrations at the top of the cylinder, the format limits penile contact making it less intense (some men find direct vibration is too strong for the sensitive penis). Use this penis pump with or without the vibration option. The motor is relatively quiet, powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.