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Motorized Penis Pump

This battery operated penis pump is a long awaited addition offering men the ultimate in convenience for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Self pressurized chamber activates with the push of a button.

- Insertable Length: 7 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$96.99   $78.56
Max Penis Pump
all parts top bottom ring

Battery Power:

This option is ideal for men who do not have good dexterity or for those who simply prefer the convenience of an automatic penis pump. There is a small hole inside the roof of the inner cylinder. The battery powered motor (located above this hole) removes air to create a vacuum in the chamber. The motorized pump takes about the same amount of time as manual pump to produce an erection - typically a few minutes.

How to Use & What to Expect:

1.) Twist the top cap open & insert 3 AAA batteries (not included).

2.) Spread lubricant around the bottom of the black sleeve & around the circumference of the penis.

3.) Insert into the hole located in the middle of the sleeve.

4.) Press the ON button (top half of the white button); a slight pulsing sound begins. Behind the white button, a small light illuminates in tune with the pulses.

At first, the motor is quiet and slow. As vacuum begins, the force becomes stronger, and the pulses become louder to top off the suction. (Please note, however, this machine is not loud, but the sound increases from a slight whisper at the start to a more noticeable pulsing, motorized sound while it's working).

This gradual increase of strength is a great feature to ease a penis into the erect state, gradually pulling fluids into the tissue.

5.) Once the process is complete, press the top button again to turn off the motor.

6.) Press the bottom half of the white button to release air back into the chamber & remove the cylinder from the penis.

To stop the suction at anytime, press the bottom half of the button, immediately releasing the vacuum. The motor does not need to be shut off first; it is OK to release pressure with the motor running. This immediate shut-off option is a highly desired safety-added feature on any motorized penis pump.

Softer Seal:

The thick rubber seal is quite decadent, easily stretching with minimal skin contact, as demonstrated by the close-up photograph of the base. Only about 1/4 inch of material wraps around the circumference of the penile base. An innovative design that is more comfortable than most other penis pump sleeves. If only these sleeves were available separately, it would be an excellent add-on for other penis pumps! Certainly a secondary selling feature of this battery operated penis pump for ED.

The Penis Ring:

Motorized ED pump includes a clear elastomer ring. The ring is very comfortable, but we do not think it fits tightly enough for men with erectile dysfunction, we highly suggest adding a stronger ring, such as the Adonis Penis Ring. Both can be worn together for added support.

This clear ring is suitable for mild cases of ED; it is mighty stretchy and comfortable while the clear transparent material offers subtle visual appearance. The ring is 3/4 of an inch inside diameter when relaxed, easily stretches to 2 inches.

The penis pump measures 11 1/4 inches total, 7 1/2 inches insertable and 2 1/4 inches inside diameter.

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