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Easy Grip ED Pump

Original design featuring a couple features that combine to produce one of the most effective ED pumps available for sale.

- Insertable Length: 10 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: No
No longer available
far view top bottom closeup

The Power of Angles.

A visitor can't help to notice the peculiar position of the handle. It extends from the top at a 45 degree angle and enhances usability by encouraging a one-handed operation. With a single motion, hold the ED pump over the pelvis and pump at the same time. Even though it is designed for one-handed use, we still think it's a good idea to hold the cylinder with the other hand; it offers extra stability and keeps the angle straight-on preventing the seal from lifting away letting all the air exit.

Where's the Tubing?

As mentioned in the introductory phrase, there are a couple of features that combine to make this ED pump incredibly efficient. The first feature is the angle; the second feature is the lack of tubing. This little known benefit immediately eliminates the usual 12 inches or so of tubing found on other ED pumps that air needs to flow through to form a vacuum. The pumping action works right at the source, pumping the air directly from the cylinder.

Cylinder Secrets.

Features a lightweight 10 1/2 inch long cylinder. Even beyond the black cap, it is still hollow inside - the entire 10 1/2 inches are usable. An ideal choice for well hung men - there's plenty of space to fill up inside. The base circumference curls upwards effectively grasping the sleeve. The interior diameter measures 2 inches across and slightly under 3 inches across on the outside.

The quick release is a small button located right at the tip. The clear plastic portion detaches from the black top for easier cleaning, but we do not recommend pulling it off every time - the rubber O ring may eventually tear. This feature is available for men who ejaculate inside the cylinder for easier cleaning.

A Good Seal.

The sleeve included with this strong ED pump is also available for sale separately. We think they are much better than latex replacement sleeves. This silicone sleeve is thin with a cross-cut tip and ribbed sides. Lubricate the interior and it grasps the erection, stretching and opening the tip like a flower once it grows. It is a very effective air seal in an attractive smoke gray color. For additional product recommendations, please view the Most Popular page.

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