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Precision Pump

Several inexpensive models are available for sale; however this model features an excellent design that works quite well in cases of moderate erectile dysfunction - it is the best of the cheapest penis pumps.

- Insertable Length: 8 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$32.99  $26.72
Precision Penis Pump
Precision Penis Pump all parts Precision Penis Pump cylinder Precision Penis Pump cock ring Precision Penis Pump size

Notable Budget Features:

An erection enhancement system for the budget conscious customer. The 8 inch long penis pump has a transparent gray cylinder with precision measurement lines on the outside of the cylinder. The base curls upwards at the end and features 2 inch wide inside diameter.

A heavily textured hand operated squeeze bulb delivers suction. The bulb features a quick release valve button for instant pressure release. Some people may find the bulb tough to squeeze but in reality, this feature prevents it from cracking. In our experience, softer and pliable bulbs tend to develop tears over time, whereas this bulb is tougher but more durable.

The tubing is extra wide for faster vacuum suction. Designed in a similar fashion to a vacuum cleaner tube, it bends & moves without kinking or creasing. This unique design allows men to position in a variety of ways for fast pumping. The flexible tube measures 13 inches long and moves easily around as needed.

A latex sheath covers the base of the cylinder and extends upwards into the cylinder. This format wraps the penis tightly preventing air leakage as suction increases in the chamber.

Enjoy the comfort from a ribbed latex sleeve and benefit from the air tight seal that it creates. The ribbed surface conforms to individual details and bulges giving every man a secure and tight fit. This sleeve extends higher into the cylinder than most other sleeves providing an even better air seal, but as a consequence, some men have commented it feels overly tight as the erection grows. We suggest spreading lubrication around the entire portion that extends in the cylinder, reducing friction on the skin.

Tight Constriction Band:

Precision pump includes an erection enhancing ring to assist the stability of the penis.

This ring can be worn before or after pumping. If used before pumping, tuck the handles into the sides of the sleeve. The firm rubber ring is the tightest of all rings available providing maximum erection support.
Dildo not included.

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