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Bull Fighter

A standard vacuum pump good suction potential combined with an original thick, rounded sleeve. This version features quality & comfort in one package and keeps the budget in mind.

- Insertable Length: 7 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$41.99   $34.26
Bull Fighter Penis Pump
Bull Fighter all parts Bull Fighter sleeves Bull Fighter bottom Bull Fighter size

Starting at the Bottom:

Some customers request a pump with a softer seal. Sometimes a latex seal causes discomfort, especially if used every day; a softer seal is a must. The Bull Fighter penis pump includes a rubber sleeve molded at the base in a circular fashion with extra space surrounding the base of the pump. This extra padding increases contact with the skin effectively offering both superior comfort and a superb air seal.

The interior portion of the sleeve extends approximately 1 inch inside the cylinder. The sleeve only needs a little lube to slide in & out with one clean sweep. We certainly believe this new style works well as an erectile dysfunction treatment - it is a popular selling vacuum pump without negative feedback from customers.

Comparing to Another Similar Model:

The rest of the pump is ordinary, get the same vacuum style hose, cylinder quality & similar size and the same stiff hand bulb as found on the Precision Pump. The Bull Fighter vacuum pump has a few differences. A metal knob on the bulb turns releasing suction as opposed to a bulb and the ring style differs; it has a "C" shape as opposed to an "O" shape.

The Bull Fighter vacuum pump has 7 1/2 inches insertable and a 2 inch inside diameter across the base (even though the seal decreases this measurement to approximately 1 3/4 inches across when relaxed but will stretch to accommodate the penis). Enjoy an eye appealing view of the growing manhood through the tinted stylish cylinder.

Unique Erection Ring:

This economical penis vacuum pump includes a stiffening erection enhancer ring. The one-of-a-kind enhancer sits on top of the penis instead of squeezing the entire shaft. Experience restricted blood flow and premature ejaculation delay, but with less chance of suffocating the important appendage. The solid plastic erection control ring measures slightly over 1 1/2 inches inside diameter at the thickest point.

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