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How to Talk to the Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

It is understandable how talking to a doctor about an embarrassing condition could cause many to skip a consultation all together. If a visitor has previously read page on the Link to Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction, it provides sturdy results and statistics on the link between these two conditions. ED can also be a symptom of other underlying medical conditions.

Talking to a doctor can open the door to treatments, not just for ED but other problems that may be hidden allowing one to live a healthy, full life. Here are 4 tips to make men more comfortable before making the big appointment:

1.) This is nothing new.

You are not the first man with erectile dysfunction. In fact, it affects up to 40% of men at age 40. By age 70, a whopping 70% may develop this condition. It is comforting to assume a doctor deals with a few cases of erectile dysfunction on a daily basis. You are just another patient with the same issue; he thinks of it as a routine appointment.

2.) Fear is all in the mind.

The mind is a powerful tool; it can force us into such fear that we will suffer in silence for years instead of going to the doctor for one day. Get over the fear and be brave, you will thank yourself later.

3.) Get a support system.

Your wife or girlfriend will commend you for taking a step forward in your health - it is human nature that women are better than men at reading body signals and looking out for their health. Traditionally men are more likely to ignore health symptoms until something bad happens. She will be proud of you for taking this step, a partner is the best emotional support system during this time.

4.) When it is all over - there will be a solution!

There are several solutions to erectile dysfunction from different types of medications (testosterone, PDE5, sildenafil, vardenafil) injections, lifestyle changes and penis vacuum pumps. The patient and doctor develop a plan to find the right solution for individual needs.

During the consultation, some men are prescribed medication and given the phone number to from their doctors. We receive calls every day from men excited knowing the enjoyment of a normal sex life is within reach.