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Jack-Off Device

Jack-Off Device
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This is a penis pump with a twist! Designed with male satisfaction in mind, the Jack-Off Device is a pleasure penis pump with textured silicone sleeve that simulates oral stimulation.

Vibration & Suction

It vibrates along with the powerful suction capability. Heralded as an excellent masturbation toy, a two in one incredible device that truly lives up to the name. Features the strongest vibration of all vibrating pumps. As shown in the photograph, the vibration mechanism lies in a divot on the side of the cylinder. Tossing out strong vibrations right at the source, get the full impact of this pleasure on your penis. The hand will vibrate too - grasp by the bulb to mute sensation on your hand.

How to Use:

Designed for easy one handed use, the cylinder measures 2 inches wide by 4 inches long so it stimulates the area of the penis where the most sensitive nerves lie - the head and the top third of the shaft. The bulb at the top is extra wide; therefore, only a few short squeezes create suction. Small enough to carry with on the go and discreet enough to be stashed.

The shorter length is not as effective at producing an erection for men with severe cases of erectile dysfunction; common customers include men who can get erect but want to enjoy sexual stimulation and men who find that stimulation gives the final boost to the erection's firmness. Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

MSRP $53.99 Our Price: $44.99