Vibrating Penis Extension

Vibrating Penis Extension

Turn your penis into a vibrator! A soft and smooth latex penis extension adds 3 inches to your length and adds vibrations at the tip. Latex penis extensions are a good natural source of penis enhancement and instantly add to your length.
The penis extension rolls down the shaft similar to a condom to assure a perfect and comfortable fit for any size man.

The tip is made of sturdy foam and coated in soft latex to recreate a realistic sensation for both partners, the mini 2 inch vibrator slips snugly into a pouch in the tip and a foam flap with a latex cover closes to prevent the vibrator from coming into direct contact with your penis and causing discomfort.

This unique sex enhancer is comfortable to wear and highly stimulating for both partners! The vibrations stimulate your partner deep inside and tease the tip of your penis. If you find it too stimulating, you may wan to use delay cream to prevent premature ejaculation.
It is recommended to wear a condom under the extension, it may be nearly impossible to clean if you ejaculate inside.

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