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Socket Tension Ring

If you think that tension rings must be uncomfortable to be effective - think again! This modern design with high quality construction is an effective, pleasurable and comfortable tension ring for men with ED.
Socket Ring Penile Tension Band
Socket Ring Penile Tension Band close up Socket Ring Penile Tension Band being worn Socket Ring Penile Tension Band being worn

Comfort Works

Typically, a tension ring should be tight to work. It's biology in motion - a tight band constricts blood vessels and prevents the erection from becoming flaccid. As a result, the tight ring tends to be uncomfortable. This new style of tension ring for men works well and is comfortable!

Thicker and Stronger

The best feature is the thicker bracing ring that surrounds the penile shaft. It has a ribbed interior to grip the skin and stay in place. The tight silicone sheath adheres to your individual creases and bulges preventing fluids from escaping. Furthermore, the taller brace limits penetration helping to make sex less painful for your partner due to deep penetrations.

Testicle Band Enhances Sensation

The testicle strap feels much looser compared to the penis brace. The testicle strap won't do much aside from adding pleasure - but that is a worthy addition in itself! You'll delight to the thick, jelly-like band wrapping around your testicles. It's like a soft erotic hug.