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1 1/2 inch Rubber Ring

This typical style of cock ring assists in keeping an erection firm after using a penis pump. This ring measures 1 1/2 inches diameter and stretches to fit.
1 1/4 inch Rubber Ring
1 1/4 inch Rubber Ring close up 1 1/4 inch Rubber Ring being worn

Rubber Works

Smooth dark blue rubber ring has universal male appeal and works well to keep your penis erect. The rubber stretches, but allows fluid flow. Rubber is the safer option compared to metal rings. This rubber feels soft to the touch yet is firm enough to resist snapping.

Roll down the base of the shaft after using the penis pump; alternatively you may put the ring on before pumping. Try both to determine which sequence works best for your needs. Applying a drop of lubrication to the inside of the ring eases it down the shaft and minimizes pulling pubic hairs as it traverses the skin.