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Replacement Penis Pump Sleeves

A pack of 2 stretchy latex sleeves that fit most penis pump cylinders. If a cylinder diameter measures between 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 inches, these seals will fit your pump.
No Longer Available
Replacement Penis Pump Sleeves
Replacement Penis Pump Sleeves close up Replacement Penis Pump Sleevesg white Replacement Penis Pump Sleeves black

The Standard

This is the basic sleeve that comes included with most basic penis pumps. If your penis pump has a thin latex sleeve and you are looking to purchase a new set, this is the product to choose. Thin stretchy latex hugs the penis providing a complete air seal. The cross cut tip lets the head poke out while the cuts adhere to your manhood, stretching as needed during erection growth.

They do wrap around your penis tightly and may not be the most comfortable of the sleeves, but they are also extremely effective. For more comfort, please consider the Silicone Sleeve which offers a similar caliber of air seal but provides more comfort.

Replacing Sleeves

Over time from repetitive stretching and relaxing, the latex becomes overly flexible and can tear. It will happen eventually, however, using lubrication is going to slow down the permanent stretching process. Smear lubrication around the entire portion that enters inside the cylinder, plus a rim around the base of the cylinder.

To use:
1.) Insert the ribbed section inside the cylinder (as shown in the photograph above).
2.) Wrap the wide base around the outside of the cylinder.

Lube is Needed

Please note that this needs sleeve lubricant. It could tear if there is too much friction between the silicone and the skin. Be sure to apply some lubrication to the sleeve before inserting the penis into the hole.

**Penis Pump Not Included**