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Erection Enhancer Ring

The tightest vinyl rubber erection ring available offers men with severe cases of ED the opportunity to maintain an erection. The tight fit is also ideal for men with minimal penile girth.
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Erection Enhancer Ring
Erection Enhancer Ring close up Erection Enhancer Ring being worn Erection Enhancer Ring side view

Get a Grip

Featuring an original 2 handled design for easier use. The inside diameter is 1 inch wide and stretches only slightly. It needs to fit tightly, enabling an erection to remain firm. Most men will need lubricant otherwise there will simply be too much friction on the skin, smear a few drops around the entire perimeter of the opening.

For the most severe cases of ED

Comfort is a compromise; however, its effectiveness attests to its popularity. Men with severe cases of erectile dysfunction often need this erection ring to stay hard. It can be used before pumping, tuck the handles inside the penis pump cylinder if space permits.

A little maneuvering may be required but several customers who had managed to put the ring on before pumping - it was typically a requirement because as soon as the cylinder is removed, the penis immediately went flaccid. We're mentioning this because it IS possible to wear the ring before pumping. The Most Popular page has other product suggestions according to the severity of erectile dysfunction.

The Erection Enhancer ring helps to delay premature ejaculation by putting pressure on the dorsal vein.