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Latex Penis Extension - 4 Inch

Basic smooth penile extension adds 4 inches of length while keeping your natural girth the same. An economical sex aid for couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom.
Latex Penis Extension 4 Inch
Latex Penis Extension 4 Inch close up Latex Penis Extension 4 Inch back side Latex Penis Extension 4 Inch inside Latex Penis Extension 4 Inch unrolled

All in the Length

The Latex Penis Extension is the only version that does not fully mask the sensation of sexual intercourse. Similar to a condom, this version rolls down the shaft similar to a condom. Men still feel body warmth and movement of penetrations through the side. The sidewall is a mildly ribbed latex sheath which is identical to a condom. (Please note despite the similarities to a condom, when used solely, this is not an acceptable form of birth control.) While it adds 4 inches to the penis length, the girth size remains natural.

Foam Padding

As demonstrated in the third picture above, the sides roll up exposing the foam padding inside. This is where the extra length comes from - a penile tip shaped foam pad that starts at the base where the penis tip touches and extends all the way to the top. It is a solid foam insert; it can be squeezed but returns to the original shape. It feels very light when worn; it is airy and soft never to weigh down the extension or feel bulky during intercourse. The latex sleeve encompasses the foam padding to keep everything in place and hold the extension upright at all times.

Cleaning Instructions

Do not ejaculate directly inside the extension. The foam pad touches the penile tip directly so ejaculate will transfer into the material. It may be difficult to clean and disinfect. We highly suggest wearing a condom underneath the latex penis extension.