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Movember - Changing the Face of Men's Health

It is highly characteristic of men not to ask for directions. In matters of health, there is a downside to being so "stubbornly independent". Movember is a global awareness campaign aimed at men's health issues, most notably prostate cancer. This unique event has a massive impact already, and it grows every year. Movember is certainly is one of the most original and fun ways to raise awareness and funds for such a notable and life saving cause.

Getting checked is essential because early detection can be curable. Men can live a full and healthy life if properly screened and cared for in time. In 2013, more than 240,000 American men may be diagnosed with this disease and there will be 33,720 deaths. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in this country.

In our opinion, one of the most in depth and detailed articles ever made is the National Cancer Institute. Every man will learn something new, it details symptoms, detection, treatment and support. We encourage every man who visits this page to please read this information booklet.


In November, millions of men around the world participate in this event by clean shaving their faces in October and letting nature take over in November; sporting a mustache to raise awareness about this important cause. All month, funds raised sponsor research programs, prevention and awareness for prostate cancer and other similar male health issues. According to their website, 176 million dollars raised so far putting a shining light on this problem in the dark.

There are corporate challenges, prizes and communities connected showing off their natural creations, or face art as some would put it. Around these offices men participated in Movember, a cause close to our hearts.

Originating in Australia, Movember quickly spread about the world, and now a common movement in North America. Most likely you have seen a flourish of mustaches in November and wondered why - now you know why men everywhere ignored their razors for a month. Chances are Americans know about this cause but if not, check out their website for more information about participating in the next program and about the fund raising efforts for men's health.