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Common Questions about Penis Pumps

We suggest all customers read this page first as it highlights critical information about the use of pumps, their safety and concerns surrounding underlying medical conditions.

How do Pumps Work

(Q.) How do penis pumps work?

(A.) Penis pumps draw air out of the cylinder (either by squeezing the hand bulb or pulling the trigger), creating a vacuum suction inside the cylinder, creating an opposite reaction inside your penis: Blood forces into the veins, fully engorging penile tissue resulting in an erection.

Pumping is a boost to the physical process and used in place when the body cannot produce its own erections.

(Q.) Is pumping safe for men with medical conditions like Diabetes, low blood pressure or after surgery?

( A.) We cannot give medical advice, please consult a doctor regarding underlying medical conditions such as Diabetes, cancer, prostate ailments or after surgery that now prevents an erection.

We have many customers whose doctors have recommended a penis pump to help with erectile dysfunction so ask the doctor, he may suggest one of our products as an ideal cure. For more information, please visit

(Q.) I want to try a penis pump, but what if it does not work?

(A.) Vacuum therapy is a highly effective treatment for ED. There are, however, a few ways to enhance your results:

1. - Purchase a strong pump to provide the vacuum suction your body requires. View these suggestions for guidance.
2. - Wear a ring around the penis.
3. - Use lubricant inside the sleeve.
4. - Trim the pubic hair around the base of the shaft.

For men with severe cases of erectile dysfunction, a penis pump with a squeeze bulb may not be strong enough. Purchase a pump with a trigger handle to produce stronger vacuum suction.

A penis pump may not work properly without lubricant on the sleeve or without trimming pubic hair at the base of the shaft. Most men with ED will loose the erection if they do not wear a ring.

Follow these 8 steps on how to use a penis pump. If the pump still does not work, return it for a refund. If the pump has a manufacturer's defect, return it within the 90 day warranty period for a refund or replacement. Please view the returns page for further details.

(Q.) Is a penile pump used for impotence or erectile dysfunction?

(A.) Yes, vacuum therapy is an ideal solution to ED, in fact, penis pumps work so well that many physicians have suggested to their patients with erectile dysfunction to purchase a penis pump.

Please visit a doctor first to be sure there are no underlying medical issues because erectile dysfunction can simply be a symptom of another problem, mostly commonly a cardiovascular issue.

Most men with erectile dysfunction will require a constriction ring to keep an erection firm. The penis may become flaccid after removing the pump, so slide a constriction ring to the base of the shaft to keep it hard.

(Q.) How long does it take to get an erection?

(A.) It normally only takes a few minutes. Never pump past the point where it becomes painful because bruising and erupted blood vessels could occur. Please view the How to Use page which details the steps required on effectively operating an ED pump.

(Q.) Are penis pumps safe?

(A.) Yes, they are safe to use provided one does not pump past the point where it becomes painful. A tingling and pressure sensation from vacuum suction may be noticed, but it should not hurt. Stop pumping once the penis is erect. To engorge it further, hold the cylinder over the erection for 1 minute.

(Q.) Can penis pumps help prevent premature ejaculation?

(A.) Yes. If a man pumps just before having sex, the pressure will slightly desensitize the shaft temporarily to slow down the ejaculation process. The results of this are temporary, so to delay premature ejaculation, wear a cock ring and/or delay benzocaine cream, apply the desensitizing cream 5 minutes before intercourse.

(Q.) What is the purpose of a sleeve?

(A.) This is the accessory that creates the airtight seal. Most cylinders usually have a thin latex sheath while others may have thicker seal that fits around the lip on the bottom. The silicone sleeve is a popular upgrade, more comfortable and padded compared to a latex sheath.

(Q.) What are the different types of cylinders?

(A.) Most vacuum cylinders are plastic. The standard size is 7 1/2 to 9 inches long and about 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide. The Big Man Pump is the largest size available; the XL Pump is the 2nd largest.

(Q.) Why do some penis pumps vibrate?

(A.) Vibrating penis pumps add pleasure. Men primarily use them to masturbate, additionally, the vibrating stimulation may help assist the body to produce an erection for men who have mild cases of ED.

(Q.) Who uses penis pumps?

(A.) Most customers are older men who experience a difficult time getting or maintaining an erection. Not just only for men with erectile dysfunction, erection devices can serve one well if erections are soft.

Younger men who want to give their erection an immediate larger appearance benefit from a firmer erection after each use.

Men with medical conditions use the penis pump, as do men who have had prostate surgery or other surgeries. Doctors commonly suggest vacuum therapy to regain the passion the sex life once had. If you have medical conditions, ask your doctor first if one of these products is right for you. Alternatively, visit a medical resource such as and determine if this treatment is right for you.