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3 Pack Donut Rings

A trio of stretchy silicone penile rings with a sturdy build and soft texture. Wear all 3 at the same time to maximize erection support. Each ring has the same dimension, and they are all thickly padded for amazing comfort against the groin.
$7.99   $6.37
Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings
Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings close up Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings being worn

Durable Erection Support

The rings can stretch wide, yet when relaxed they have a diameter the same size as the average man. When all three are worn, it offers a soft warm wrapping that assists in maintaining the erection. These won't hurt and the thicker jelly-like bands resist snapping. Of course, you don't want to tug at them too hard, but when used properly (rolling up and down the shaft) it will certainly extend their lifespan.

Padding for Both

The thick round bands add a layer of cushy jelly like softness between the groin and your partner. Both of you will notice the lavish, squishy feeling with each penetration. It is a subtle difference, but one you'll enjoy nonetheless. Wearing one if the bands around the scrotum adds an erotic enhancement for you - the feeling of this softness behind the testicles has a subtle delight of it's own!

Better for Bigger Men

The stretchy silicone can easily accommodate a larger girth. These are great penile rings for larger men. When relaxed, the rings measure 1.4 inches wide. They all stretch well beyond this measurement.