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(Q.) Will penis pumps make my penis bigger?

(A.) Not permanently. Penis pumps provide harder, stronger erections - during pumping, vacuum suction engorges the penile tissue more than naturally possible. Penile vacuum pumps help men with erectile dysfunction; they do not permanently enlarge the penis.

Although other websites might state penis pumps enlarge a penis in their attempt to sell men pumps, the results will not be permanent. No matter how much it costs or what it may claim, permanent enlargement is impossible. Prefer a second opinion? Ask a doctor and he will advise the same information.

Technically, penis pumps do make the penis bigger: Pumping transforms the appendage from limp to hard- therefore it gets bigger. What they fail to mention is these results only last until your erection naturally becomes flaccid again.

Many customers who use penile pumps report a bigger erection and enhanced appearance. Heightened sensitivity is also common side effect so even if these firming and enlarging results are not permanent, it gets bigger and feel better when it counts the most - right before intercourse.

Permanent enlargement is obtained through injections or surgery by cosmetic surgeons, typically at an outpatient clinic. For more information about this process, please visit Beverly Hills Surgical Specialists, a medical clinic which specializes in these procedures.

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