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Automatic Penis Pump

It may be a challenge to decide between automatic penis pumps or manual designs - behold the only product has both in one unit!

- Insertable Length: 9 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$59.99   $48.59
all parts top bottom ring

Automatic Penis Pump vs. Manual:

A brand new innovation for men who appreciate variety. This penis pump set includes two interchangeable head, each one has a male adapter which twists into the female adapter in the end of the hose. Some men prefer battery operated; others find manual offers better results. Now is the chance to try both and see which one works best. For occasional bouts of arthritis, the automatic battery pack will be the unit of choice on days when the hands do not want to cooperate. To burn a few extra calories, the manual pump offers a marvelous arm workout before it's time to meet a partner in the bedroom.

An important note about the automatic handle: Ensure batteries are fresh! This unit is quite a battery power hog; therefore, stronger batteries will produce better results. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Press the on/off switch on the left side of the handle and the motor begins to hum. Gradually sucking out all the air, in a few minutes magic happens inside the cylinder. Turn off the motor and the press button on the right side labeled "vacuum release".

The reinforced manual bulb feels mighty study and resists cracking or splitting. The bumps around the perimeter help the hand stay in place while brisk and frequent hand motions create vacuum.

We offer 2 different battery operated penis pumps, this version and the Motorized Pump.

Lightweight Cylinder & Short Hose.

The penis pump cylinder is lightweight and easy to manipulate. Furthermore, the thick ribbed hose hardly bends at all; it is quite stiff and short for less work during pumping. The tubing will not kink or feel cumbersome to operate, this model proves short & stiff is a worthy feature for penis pump tubing. The cylinder measures 9 inches total length including the tapered end.

A Wide Sleeve.

A smooth silicone sleeve, similar to latex, but more durable offers the user a new variation of penis pump sleeve - the opening does not stretch much, hence the large opening. Offering an ideal cradle around the penis, add some lubricant to the inside of the seal to shimmy, adjusting as the penis increases in size. The TPR silicone sleeve is perfect for men with latex allergies. It features a similar format minus an unwanted allergic reaction. The sleeve can stretch to match the 2 inch inside the opening of the cylinder.

Keeping the Erection.

It is essential to constrict the new erection, keeping it firm. Once the cylinder removes, some erections shrink. Before this happens, quickly slip the jet black silicone ring over the erection to enjoy lovemaking. Highly stylish fitting tightly and providing surprising comfort considering the snug fit. It measures slightly over 1/2 inch wide when relaxed. The constriction ring stretches easily to 1 1/2 inches wide.

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