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Wireless Vibrating Love Ring

This is a simple yet nicely designed sex enhancer that gently holds your erection and adds subtle, quiet vibrations to please both partner during sex. A great way to get more pleasure during lovemaking.
$18.99   $14.88
Wireless Vibrating Love Ring
Wireless Vibrating Love Ring close up Wireless Vibrating Love Ring being worn Wireless Vibrating Love Ring side view

Something Extra for the Sex Life

The silicone ring stretches to fit every man no matter his size. It does not fit tightly at all; therefore, it may not provide enough erection support for men who need to use a penis pump to get an erection. This ring is mainly for sexual pleasure.

The vibrator is quiet and small so it will not get in the way even in the closest of positions and intimate snuggling. Batteries are included.

Some people might scoff at the idea of a vibrating sex aid, but the discreet and sweet design make it easy to say "yes"! Adorned with little raised hearts, it is a perfect gift. The flattened motor remains hidden within the soft passionate red pouch. It does not take up much space or make much noise. Today is the perfect opportunity to try something new!