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Textured Penis Extension

Ride the new wave of romance as this bumpy latex extension offers a little treat to spice up the sex life. The bumpy 3 inch tip feels similar to a studded condom. Adds 3 inches of length while keeping your natural girth the same.
Textured Penis Extension 3 Inch
Textured Penis Extension close up Textured Penis Extension back side Textured Penis Extension inside Textured Penis Extension top view

Long & Bumpy

Offers the perfect compromise between bigger penis and enjoyable intercourse for men. Most the penis extensions diminish the feeling of movement and prevent transfer of body warmth, but now both partners can share the same feel as given by a condom. The main difference is the 3 inches and top texture that feels very different from regular, everyday sex. The bumps are sturdy but soft, never irritating and subtle. Please note this latex penis extension is not a form of birth control unless the man wears a condom underneath.

Foam Padding

Adding to the natural erection length is a 3 inch foam section that wrapped within a tight fitting latex sheath. It is a single piece unit that rolls down the penis, the photo depicts the style similar to a condom. The foam is soft and very light; couples enjoy the barely-there feel. The latex sheath hugs tightly to keep the extender facing upright, never to sway sideways.

Cleaning Instructions

Do not ejaculate directly inside the extension. The foam pad touches the penile tip directly so ejaculate will transfer into the material. It may be difficult to clean and disinfect. We highly suggest wearing a condom underneath the latex penis extension.