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Steel Support Cock Ring

An original model created to mesh comfort and effectiveness into one. Uniquely crafted metal cock ring with a thick bracing effect and supportive interior metal rods. The most comfortable metal cock ring available.
$18.99   $15.21
Steel Support Cock Ring
Steel Support Cock Ring close up Steel Support Cock Ring being worn Steel Support Cock Ring side view

A New Idea

A completely innovative device for keeping a penis stiff during lovemaking. The highlight is the double curved steel support bands inside the silicone offering the snug fit around the curvature of the erection. Eternally providing superb erection control and keeping a man's comfort in top priority. It can bend as it needs to but will stay in place without any problems. When relaxed the inside diameter is 1 1/4 inches.

Thicker & Softer

It is quite thick, as such, the user may not be able to wear it first before using a penis pump. Not recommended for men who immediately become flaccid after pumping. With added padding comes added comfort for the partner - they will surely notice the reinforced ring touching externally with each thrust inwards. The Steel Support band is a nice and welcoming sensation during sexual intercourse.