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Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings

A trio of stretchy elastomer penile tension rings with a sturdy build and soft texture. Wear all 3 at the same time to maximize erection support. Each ring has a different size so they can be stacked accordingly.
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Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings
Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings close up Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings being worn Stay Hard 3 Pack Rings being worn

Durable Erection Support

The rings can stretch very large, even though they are stretchy and thin, the elastomer is relatively tough. Of course you don't want to over stretch it to test the limits, but these rings do a great job at resisting snapping. The best way to prolong the life of the rings is to roll them down the shaft as opposed to stretching them over the shaft.

Bumps for Breathing

Penis tension rings with bumps allow a small amount of fluid to flow in and out of the shaft. It prevents total suffocation of the penis and as a result, these styles of rings are safer to wear. Even though 3 rings can be worn at the same time, they are still safer then a single metal band.

Better for Bigger Men

The stretchy elastomer can easily accommodate a larger girth. These are great penile rings for larger men. When relaxed, the rings measure 1.1 inches, 1.2 inches and 1.4 inches respectively. They all stretch well beyond this measurement.