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Firm rubber strap on prosthetic penis attachment perfect for men with erectile difficulty. Features an elastic waist band that will fit a 38 inch waist and could fully stretch to a maximum of 40 inch waist.

Small Hollow Strap On Extension

Small Hollow Strap On Extension
Small Hollow Strap On Extension close up Small Hollow Strap On Extension being worn Small Hollow Strap On Extension inside Small Hollow Strap On Extension outside

A Smooth Ride

The attachment is straight with a few ridges along the shaft for sleek and slippery sensations for the partner. Be sure to use lubrication for a more pleasurable experience. A raised bump at the base adds erotic sensation for your partner when thrust all the way.

The outside measurements are 6 inches long and 1 3/4 inches diameter. The inside has 6 inches insertable and 1 1/4 inch diameter.

This small hollow strap on extension allows the penis to sit inside shaft, however if one cannot fit inside the penis can easily hang below. The material is strong enough it will not collapse. The straps are removable for easy cleaning.

Ultimate Ejaculation Control

This strap on extension is totally firm. A man will not feel any movement during intercourse, as such, he can prolong lovemaking. As it completely removes sensation, premature ejaculate will not interrupt your timing. When time is up, a man can ejaculate inside. This device easily cleans with antibacterial soap and water.