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Silicone Power Pump

A unique erection assisting device with long bumpy sleeve provides the user with pleasure during pumping. This model is a common male masturbation aid.

- Insertable Length: 8 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: No
$34.99   $28.34
Precision Penis Pump
Silicone Power Pump all parts Silicone Power Pump cylinder Silicone Power Pump bottom Silicone Power Pump size

Pumping for Pleasure:

To add sexual gratification, a full length textured silicone sleeve sits inside the cylinder. Using water based lubricant throughout the entire sleeve makes it slippery. Operating this erection pump dry will be uncomfortable - a wet sleeve opens the door to an amazing pleasurable experience.

The top of the sleeve has a small hole to permit air escape with each squeeze of the bulb. As vacuum builds, the sleeve sticks to your penis like cling wrap. Men greatly enjoy this feeling and jiggle it around or forgo the suction altogether and thrust the pump up and down like a masturbation device. This unique erection pump concept covers both bases; a firm dick and sexual enjoyment at the same time. The sleeve can easily be removed for cleaning. This feature offers the user the option to ejaculate inside the pump.

The Other Parts:

Features a durable non crimping tube ribbed like a vacuum cleaner hose. A firm hand bulb with quick release tab on the bulb is standard fare. The high quality bulb requires some force to squeeze, but it is durable. Press the valve on the side of the tubing once finished.

The cylinder measures 8 inches long with an interior diameter of slightly over 2 inches. The sleeve opening is 2 inches. Typically a penis pump sleeve will have a very narrow opening, the large size of the erection pump has plenty of space for the well endowed man.

The Silicone Power Erection Pump is a good choice for using before sex - the user will be in the mood for love, erotically stimulated and ready for action!

Another model is available with similar full length bumpy sleeve; however, those vacuum creation parts are different. View the Pistol Grip here.