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Remote Penis Pump

Remote Penis Pump
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The premier choice for men with a longer penis. The cylinder measures 9 inches long with 8 1/2 inches insertable and 2 3/8 inches wide inner diameter of the flared base. The tube is slightly more wide then other average models capped with a larger then standard bulb allowing for faster suction, which is something you'll require when using a larger cylinder. Should this pump have a smaller bulb, it would take longer to become erect. Once you're finished pumping you and your partner will still be in the mood for sex!

Special Notes About the Sleeve:

The sleeve is different then a typical pump, it's a thin highly flexible rubber ring that does not extend into the cylinder as in other models. It's just as effective but for some men, the latex sleeve cause pain from too much pressure that increases as the erection grows.

Using this flattened sleeve prevents this discomfort while the flap still can wrap itself around the base of the shaft enabling the required air seal to permit vacuum suction in the cylinder. The sleeve easily unwraps from the base so you can leave it on the penis similar to a ring during intercourse, or simply pull it off the penis and place back on the cylinder for to be ready for next time.


To use, apply some of the included lubricant on to the base of your penis and a small amount on the seal. Put the cylinder to the base of your penis, hold it in place with one hand while keeping your thumb on the quick release hole on the cylinder. With the other hand, squeeze the easy to use, heavy duty pressure bulb to suck the air out of the pump. You will notice this penis pump offers a good airtight seal and a quick erection. Once your erection is hard, release your thumb from the hole which immediately releases the vacuum suction and you have a nice and hard penis ready for sex!

Added Bonus:

This penis pump includes a 1 ounce bottle of Stallion Pumpers lubricant which adds comfort and allows for maximum erection enlargement.
No Longer Available

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