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Real Feel Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Real Feel is a clever sexual aid for couples. Technically it is not a penis extension since it does not increase length, but it is a girth-enhancing penis sleeve that offers several advantages in the bedroom.
Real Feel Vibrating Penis Extension
Real Feel Vibrating Penis Extension close up Real Feel Vibrating Penis Extension being worn Real Feel Vibrating Penis Extension inside Real Feel Vibrating Penis Extension outside

Sliding on Greatness

A luscious & thick mighty stretchy silicone penis sleeve for men. Stretches to fit over the penis and stays in place via flexible testicle strap. Across the way, a textured loop tightly snuggles a vibrating bullet. The interior & exterior feel the same, so both partners enjoy a shared feel.

Pleasure on the Penis Tip

The top is open allowing ejaculate to exit. Furthermore, the man may choose to pull the sleeve downwards and leave the penis head exposed enabling him to enjoy the feel of lovemaking too. Most penis sleeves completely mute the feeling of intercourse; this one has something extra for the guy, finally!

Measures 5 1/4 inches long. The tip is open; therefore, it does not add length. The sleeve will add approximately 1 inch of girth to the erection (1/2 an inch on each side). The vibrator includes batteries. A great accessory for couples: Get an erection with a penis pump then slip on the sleeve!