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Quick Draw Penis Pump

Introducing one of the most popular ED pump models. A consistent best seller proving vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction can be both economical and effective.

- Insertable Length: 9 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$48.99  $39.68
Quick Draw Penis Pump
Quick Draw Penis Pump all parts Quick Draw Penis Pump cylinder Quick Draw Penis Pump handle Quick Draw Penis Pump ring

Working Quickly:

Get quick vacuum suction with the modernized pistol style grip that effectively and quickly removes the air from the cylinder. The tubing is longer and non-crimping so that it never interferes with results. This softer tubing allows the user to sit or lay in a variety of positions without the hose disconnecting from either end. To learn how penis pumps work, please view this information page.

Innovative Handle:

The innovative telescoping handle makes this penis pump work quickly. This style, fixed parallel to the main handle, demonstrates how every squeeze of a hand maximizes suction in the cylinder. A successful vacuum therapy model has consistent suction, exactly what the Quick Draw delivers.

The handle is somewhat stiff; men with reduced dexterity may have minor difficulties operating the pump. Perhaps ask a partner to hold the cylinder while pressing the handle with both hands. The stiffness of the handle is a compromise with efficiency, for severe erectile dysfunction this penis pump is an excellent choice due to the configuration of the handle, and it's powerful vacuum suction.

Longer Cylinder:

The plastic cylinder is longer than average, at 9 inches long and 2 inches wide to assure a well endowed man will easily fit. The base flares resting comfortably against the pelvis.

A quick release valve on the cylinder releases air once complete. A removable latex sleeve snuggles up to the penis, keeping every last bit of air on the outside. The sleeve at the base wraps around the flared ends of the penis vacuum pump. We recommend using lubricant with the latex sleeve; every pumping experience becomes more comfortable.

Constriction Ring Included:

Included with the penis pump is a silicone erection ring that fits tightly to help with maximum erection control. With limited stretch to make it very effective, the ring opening when relaxed measures 1 inch in diameter with handles on the side for easy removal. Put the ring on before or after pumping.

The ring is tight, put some lubrication around the ring to allow it to slide on and off to reduce friction. A tight fit is part of the compromise needed in order to keep an erection firm. A loose ring will allow the blood to flow back into the body, thus making the erection flaccid.
Dildo in photo not included.

Best Selling Penis Pump:

This is one of the best selling penis pumps. To see the others, view the shopping guide.

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