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Marcus Penis Pump

A well made penis vacuum pump for men with ED offers excellent air seal, well connected parts, a comfortable base and a larger cylinder ideally adaptable to any size man.

- Insertable Length: 9 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 3/8 inches
- Includes Ring: No
No Longer Available
Penis Pump
all parts sleeve penis cup handle

Easy Handling

Marcus features an innovated, smaller and less bulky plastic handle that is smooth & easy to use. We believe plastic is a better material for a handle because metal is heavy and tends to be tougher to squeeze. Plastic feels much lighter, and the pumping action is particularly smooth and quick.

This penis pump has an easy trigger to pull, repeated motions build up pressure very quickly. Connected to the top is a pressure gauge to monitor individual pressure. The handle has finger forms to rest well in the palm of the hand.

Instructions for Proper Use

The secret to making this vacuum pump work well is to use quick repetitive motions when pulling the handle. Pump fast to build up pressure. Slow movements simply will not work. Pump fast, enjoy a good arm workout and in a few moments, the penis is erect.

Full penis pump instructions are found here. For more information about penis pumps in general, please view the information section.

Offering very powerful suction, customers may notice this pump featured on the most popular page as the 1st choice for men with erectile dysfunction. Before pumping, we always suggest customers with erectile dysfunction consult a doctor to make sure there are not other underlying medical issues causing ED.

Upgraded Tubing & Air Release

We're big fans of penis pumps that have a release valve on the tubing. Having the button on the handle is not always the most ergonomic set-up especially when the hand accidentally presses the button.

Observe a horizontal clear spring-loaded button encased in a clear tab at the top of the cylinder. When the process is complete, press to release air and remove the pump from the groin. The tubing connects very securely to both the cylinder & handle. It is wide and corrugated like a vacuum hose letting air rush out very quickly while pumping.

Cylinder & Sleeve

A long & wide plastic cylinder features a thick, lush silicone sleeve. The large vacuum cylinder measures 9 1/2 inches long and 2 3/8 inches inside diameter. The exterior diameter flares to 3 1/4 inches.

The plump & thick clear sleeve easily stretches to accommodate a growing penis; it is extra thick and matches the curled cylinder base - for comfort and a steady stance on the pelvis. A few inches of sleeve extend upwards into the cylinder to cradle the erection comfortably like a warm silicone hug. The sleeve can be removed for cleaning.

Who is Marcus?

We need to mention the origins & endorsement behind the naming of this product: Named after a famous adult film actor called Mr. Marcus. Offering inspiration and motivation for men to experience stamina just like male actors during filming productions. After all, we all know their erections do not last the entire time - they require a boost from a penis pump. If it gives him sturdy erections, just think how well it will work for an average guy!

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