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Man's Tool Kit

This complete sexual pleasure pack for men contains a penis pump, vibrating hood, vibrating butt plug, and 2 cock rings.

- Insertable Length: 7 1/2 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 inches
- Includes Ring: Yes
$54.99   $44.55
Man's Tool Kit
Man's Tool Kit all parts Man's Tool Kit penis pump Man's Tool Kit ring Man's Tool Kit vibrator

Simple Pump:

We need to begin by stating "simple" is not bad, it simply denotes a basic model. The ideal customer for this pump is a man who can get an erection but finds it is not ideally firm. This lightweight pump finishes what the body cannot. Easy to operate bulb with quick release tab and average sized cylinder with air hole that needs to be plugged with a thumb to work. When finished pumping, simply remove the finger, and air will release.

The end of the cylinder curls upwards. The little opening in the latex sheath accommodates the growing erection while wrapping tightly to keep the air out and the blood in the penile tissue. A man feels light pressure during pumping, a pleasurable sensation and precursor to the sexual enjoyment to come. The plastic cylinder measures 7 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. The inside of the seal measures 1 1/4 inches wide and will stretch to fit.

Masturbation Hood:

A vibrating silicone hood slips over the penile tip and plugs into the hand held controller. The battery pack has 5 speeds to choose from, keeping one steadily aroused. A man cannot have intercourse with the hood on; it is a device purely for stimulation.

Alternatively, one may ejaculate inside the sleeve as the bullet slips out of the pouch for cleaning. Please note the bullet does not detach entirely as the cord always remains attached through the small hole in the side, but the bullet is waterproof, so it is safe to submerge and wash with soap and water.

Prostate Stimulation:

The anal plug measures 4 3/4 inches total length with 4 inches insertable. The width of the plug is thin, only 1 inch wide with a tapered head for gentle, easy insertion. Use lubrication to insert comfortably and safely. The anal toy plugs into the same controller as the vibrating hood, so it also has 5 different speeds. It is completely solid and radiates very powerful vibration.

Prostate toys for men are exceptionally popular ever since the mainstream acknowledgment of the sexual benefits of prostate stimulation, an enjoyable addition to masturbation that makes orgasms feel much stronger. The small plug lets men secretly experience this new and trendy male sexual pleasure routine.

Manly Rings:

The two silicone cock rings are perfect for maintaining your erection after pumping. They are extra soft, thick and have pleasure nubs on the out side to stimulate the partner during lovemaking. When relaxed the diameter is significantly small; however, the extra padded silicone can stretch easily to accommodate any girth. Try wearing both cock rings at once for extra sensations and erection control, furthermore the jet black color with soft spikes is a masculine look, especially attractive when worn.

This is the perfect kit for that man who wants pleasure while he enhances his penis. Requires lubrication and 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Create the manliest sex kit on the block!

There is another pleasure pack for men called the Masturstroke kit, although we must mention the components in the Man's Tool Kit (this product) are more advanced and substantial compared to the latter.

** Dildo not included.