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Large Hollow Strap On Extension

Very large strap on prosthetic penis attachment doubles as a feisty sexual device. Many women have a secret fantasy of a wide girth; this economical sex aid for couples is the answer to a dark desire. The elastic waist band stretches to a maximum of 40 inches.
Large Hollow Strap On Extension
Large Hollow Strap On Extension close up Large Hollow Strap On Extension being worn Large Hollow Strap On Extension inside Large Hollow Strap On Extension outside

Tough Love

Solid rubber with a shiny glazed exterior lubricate this giant hollow sex tool and get ready for action! Removing all sensation completely for the man, he will be able to last much longer before having an orgasm. The woman will feel a sturdy wide chilly touch from base to hilt. The slight ridges over the surface enhance sensation and visual appeal.

Padding for the Penis

This attachment is so large; a man can insert a fully erect penis into the hollow center. The only strap on that allows for such versatility. It is the best option for men who do become erect upon sexual stimulation.

The outside measurements are 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. The inside features 9 inches insertable and 1 3/4 inch diameter. The straps attaching to the large hollow strap on extension are removable for easy cleaning.