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John Holmes Personal Penis Pump

This is the only penis pump featuring an attractive vintage style box. This version is reminiscent of Retro days, when John Holmes was a well known name in the adult entertainment industry.

- Insertable Length: 8 inches
- Inside Diameter: 2 7/8 inches
- Includes Ring: No
No longer available
John Holmes Personal Pump
John Holmes Personal Pump all parts John Holmes Personal Pump bottom John Holmes Personal Pump plunger John Holmes Personal Pump size

Gag Gift with a Purpose:

Of course, it makes sense that he endorsed his very own pump! His massive member was due to surgery; please do not expect gains in size from using this pump as it just does not happen that way (why?).

This unique ED pump can help give an erection, although primarily sold for a gag gift due to the over-the-top box appearance. Should the gift recipient experience erectile dysfunction, as most men do with old age, he can always grab the pump and put it to good use, after talking to his physician first.

Penis Pump & Practicality:

The cylinder is 11 1/2 inches total length with 8 inches insertable and 2 7/8 inches wide, with the seal it reduces the penetrable distance to approximately 2 1/2 inches. Very lightweight although some may consider it top heavy since all working components are within the black dome at the top. Unique plunger design gives steady, strong and precise suction when the plunger moves upwards.

Push it down and pull up repeatedly to create vacuum suction. This alternative is better for men who may have arthritis and find squeezing a bulb to difficult. The minimal distance the plunger can raise means the suction builds slowly, gently and steadily.

A Different Seal:

The rubber vacuum seal stretches to fit. The flattened circular design varies from the typical cylinder sleeve as it does not wrap around the entire erection; rather it provides air seal by circling the base of the penis. Remove the seal after pumping or leave it in place during sex. The rubber is thin and pliable allowing the expansion from a flaccid state to erect state all while cradling the base in utmost comfort. The seal easily pulls from the base and fits on the straight end in between two grooves in the inside diameter of the rubber lip.

How to use:

The small release hole on the side of the cylinder controls the vacuum sealing. Put your thumb over the hole to allow an airtight suction and when your erection is strong and hard, release your thumb instantly releasing the pressure in the cylinder. John Holmes version includes a bonus 1 ounce bottle of Stallion Pumpers lubricant.

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