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How To Use a Penis Pump

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use a penis vacuum pump and other tips about safely maximizing results.

(Q.) How do I use a penis pump?

1.) Trim the pubic hair at the base of the shaft.

2.) Apply lubricant around the base of the shaft & around the circumference of the penis.

3.) Place the cylinder snugly over the groin. If there is a hole on the cylinder, place your thumb over this hole.

4.) Squeeze the hand pump or trigger to create a vacuum.
A squeeze bulb requires short, frequent bursts to create suction. This process should not hurt; however, slight pressure or tingling is normal as fluids flood the penile tissue.

Continue briskly pumping until the penis become erect. The process typically takes a few minutes. The vacuum created draws blood into the penis, forcing it to become erect.

6.) Once the penis is fully erect stop pumping and leave it in place for 1 minute to engorge the erection a little more.

7.) Release air with the quick release valve or by removing the thumb from the hole on the cylinder.

8.) Spread lubricant around the inner circumference of a cock ring & slide it all the way down to the base of the shaft. This slows the erection from returning to a flaccid state. Do not wear a ring longer than 20 minutes at a time.
** Alternatively put the ring on before pumping. Some men experience better results when a ring is used first.

(Q.) Why should I use lubricant?

(A.) Lubricant is highly useful. Firstly, lubricant assures an airtight seal by filling the gaps between the growing erection and sleeve. Lubricant works like grout on tile, filling microscopic holes. Secondly, lube reduces friction between skin and sleeve and prevents pulled pubic hairs.

Penis pump lubricants are typically thicker than regular personal lubricants. Penis pump lube is free of petroleum or oil based compounds, which can destroy the latex sheath on the cylinder. Silicone based lube will react with a silicone sleeve; therefore a sleeve must be washed with soap and water after use.

(Q.) How do I release the vacuum?

(A.) There are a couple ways to release pressure:

Certain penis pumps feature a quick release valve (normally located on the hand bulb) that either pushes inwards or turns reversing the vacuum.

Other penis pumps have a finger hole on the cylinder. A thumb placed over the hole is "sucked" in completely blocking off the outside world. To release pressure, remove the thumb from the hole.

(Q.) How long does it take to get an erection?

(A.) Typically, it takes a few minutes to become erect, however, the exact amount of time it takes varies per person. Penis pumps require fast, vigorous squeezing to be effective. Slow pumping motions simply do not work; consistency & steadiness is important.

Never pump if it feels painful and do not continue pumping once the penis is fully erect - blood vessels can erupt or bruising could occur.

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