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Guardian Erection Ring

Guardian Erection Ring
Guardian Erection Ring close up
Guardian Erection Ring being worn
Guardian Erection Ringside view

The Guardian Erection Ring is a new concept in erection control, first introduced about 5 years ago and it has been very effective erection ring. Although not an actual ring, it wraps around the base of the penis, the open part faces the front and the protruding semi-circle rests against the dorsal vein of the penis.

This prevents blood flow from exiting your penis, keeping your erection firm for longer and much harder then normal. Since it is not actually a ring, fluids can flow through the blood veins in the front of your penis as normal. This reduces the likelihood of harming your penis due to suffocation.

The Guardian Erection ring can be worn for an extended period of time without harm. This erection ring is recommended for longer, all night sex marathons. It is easy to fit and very effective as erection control. It does not stretch so some men fund it somewhat uncomfortable. The Guardian erection ring includes complete instructions so you know exactly how to use it.