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Natural Feel Penis Extension

The perfect soft full-length extension for men who want a minor boost to their size to please their partner. This is an extension our testers really loved.
Natural Feel Penis Extension
Natural Feel Penis Extension close up Natural Feel Penis Extension back side Natural Feel Penis Extension inside Natural Feel Penis Extension top view

A Real Feel

Realistic feeling penis extension adds 1/2 inch girth and 1 inch length. The stretchy yet firm material fits any size man and will stay on for the duration. It feels silky soft like real skin. Lubricate it well, and your partner will not be able to feel the difference between real skin and this extension.

How Does it Stay on?

When relaxed, the hollow form of the sturdy silky silicone blend is like a hollow tube. When wrapped around the penis, it employs this stretchiness, clinging to the erection staying put during intercourse. Using lubricant for penetration will help keep it in place. Do not use lube on the interior of the sleeve, however, if required a few drops can be used to help slide it on but do not make it overly wet.

The silicone "hugs" the erection with a soft wrapping that is quite pleasant even before intercourse starts! It will not slip off, do not let that concern prevent from purchasing this sex aid today, it is a very well designed extension.

Staying Power

Use in conjunction with a cock ring and use with or without a condom, (although using a condom underneath the extension will make it easier to clean), but it is not necessary as you will be able to flip it inside out to rinse it out.

One of the immediate features a man will notice is his ability prolong sex. The taught sleeve minimizes sensation and transfer of body warmth, therefore, this is one of the best ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

The entire penis extension measures 6 1/2 inches total length and can be trimmed to fit with scissors.