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Dual Support Penis Ring

A well built, extra bracing double penis ring for men. This design holds an erection higher than any other penis ring. An erection with higher stance offers the illusion of a bigger penis, but do not tell your partner!
$9.99   $7.93
Dual Support Penis Rings
Dual Support Penis Rings close up Dual Support Penis Rings being worn Dual Support Penis Rings side view

Boosting Quality

Constructed of silicone, the tight Dual Support tension device easily stretches to fit any size, but somehow, still feels soft when worn. That is the glory of silicone! The larger band that fits around the penis is wide like a brace; connecting directly to the testicle strap which holds the entire package higher, offering a visual boost making everything look more mighty. Additionally, it keeps the penis ring in place preventing anything from slipping away from the intended location.

Easy to use:

Upon first glance it may appear difficult to wear, however, with a few drops of lubricant around the inside perimeter, it is an easy feat. Place the penis band on first, followed by the testicle strap. Many men report that a testicle tension strap enhances sexual pleasure. This penis ring is a popular choice for couples to use during lovemaking. The firm nubs inside the testicle band add a subtle and soft enjoyable poke.