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Dual Silicone Ring

For the utmost in comfort, reach for this high quality double silicone ring. The thick penis and testicle rings and hold your manhood high enhancing its appearance, all with a delicate, sensual touch.
$11.99   $8.73
Dual Silicone Erection Rings
Dual Silicone Erection Rings close up Dual Silicone Erection Rings being worn Dual Silicone Erection Rings side view

This penis ring has a loose and squishy feeling fit, so it may not be tight enough to maintain an erection. The ideal customer would be a man who wants to please his partner. This can be worn over top of a rubber constriction ring if you require additional erection support.

It features a softly textured clitoral stimulator (the rounded appendage located on the top) to please your partner with every thrust. This erection ring is made of hygienically superior silicone and will stretch to accommodate any man's size.